The Shadow (Gold) The Shadow (Gold) 

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The Shadow (Gold)

5-layer polyurethane clearcoat. Genuine 12-color silkscreened.  Dimpled both sides, drilled, and ready for installation right out of the box. While reproducing this playfield we jumped at the opportunity to add custom inserts behind the headlights of the car.  Completely invisible unless illuminated (your choice) !  See below to get the LEDS to make full use of this unique CPR mod.  We also added a custom black-lightblock layer (screened to the playfield BEFORE the white layers) to control the illumination of the center mode inserts.  This vastly improved the contrast of the text, which can now be lit brightly without revealing the rectangular insert embedded into the playfield.  See gallery on the CPR website for rear pics, revealing the lightblock. 


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