Gold Class Playfields – CPR Quality

Gold Class candidates are the best playfields CPR has to offer.  These playfields are exactly what you have come to expect for the last 7 years.  Is every playfield absolutely 100% perfect?  No.  No playfield ever is.  However, any CPR playfield that gets the Gold Class status will be as close to "perfect" as anybody has ever been capable.  These are the Best.  They are also the first to be sold, with Silver and Bronze made available afterward.

Yeild:  85% of a run typically acheives Gold Class status.
Score:  "On a scale of 100"  97/100 to 99/100

Silver Standard Playfields – NOS Quality

Silver Standard candidates meet or exceed NOS "industry quality" from the original playfield factories of yesteryear.  NOS playfields were never perfect, and in some cases not even close to perfect.  CPR's Silver Standard candidates will still retain the beauty that is customary in a CPR Gold playfield, but some NOS qualities will also be present.  These may include very small misalignments, very small marks in the artwork, or the occasional insert being imperfect.  Allowances that would be typically encountered on any factory NOS playfield, even ones made by professional factories today.  These are the best available once the Golds sell out.

Yeild:  10% of a run typically acheives Silver Standard status.
Score:  "On a scale of 100"  90/100 to 96/100

Bronze Grade Playfields

Bronze Grade candidates are set aside for not achieving the level of our Silver Standard.  These playfields will have issues that are more obvious, unique, and thus will vary individually from playfield to playfield.  Therefore, we will photograph and sell each playfield individually so you can be the judge.  In the photo(s), we will show you why we feel the playfield is of Bronze Grade quality.  For some customers, they won't care, because these candidates will almost always be vastly better than ANY playfield you are likely to encounter in a 20–30 year old game.  These playfields are always a great option for the more budget-conscious.

Yeild:  5% of a run typically acheives Bronze Grade status.
Score:  "On a scale of 100"  80/100 to 89/100