PinCab Protectors — Yellow PinCab Protectors — Yellow 

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PinCab Protectors — Yellow

If you have a pin that you want to preserve the value of, you need PinCab Protectors.  If your pinball is one of the late model Bally/Williams pins that have the decals that lift and peel away from the legs, or, if you have a pinball machine that has some existing damage that has been caused by the legs.  These PinCab Protectors are about ¼” bigger than the legs, so they cover up the existing damage.  They also protect against any further damage.

PinCab Protectors are made from Polypropylene plastic.  PinCabs go on the cabinet under the legs.  They are very easy to use as they are just placed under the legs as the legs are bolted on.  They protect the cabinet and the decals from the damage that is so prevalent.  All PinCab Protectors are sold in sets of 4.

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