The Addams Family (CPR Silver) The Addams Family (CPR Silver) 

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The Addams Family (CPR Silver)

Genuine 13-color enamel silkscreened and 5-layer polyeurethane clearcoated.  Produced on the best and most expensive gameboard woodstock in the hobby, this TAF run was exclusively printed using the original Williams artwork films.  Not a digital redraw on this one.  So every Youssi nuance in every pen stroke is there, exact to your original.  Exact lab-mixed colors for the inks on this one, dictated by the Pantone numbers noted by Youssi on his films, including the amazing hot (neon) orange, as specified.  All inserts from original Chicago tooling (not reproductions).  CPR's goal was to produce the definitive, best, and final TAF reproduction - and this is it.

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